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Welcome to almedia

NOW IN BREMEN! With an experience of more than 10 years, our staff members are keeping up with the daily challenge of the constantly growing mobile phone industry. With more than 1000 different items in stock, we ship orders worldwide and most of the time within 24 hours.


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We offer

Up to date accessories for all smart-  and mobile phones of the top brands. Such as batteries, chargers, docking stations and headsets as well as a big variety of original mobile phone cases. All this will be delivered within in the shortest time upon your order.


our customers

Our customers are some of the biggest distributors  and wholesaler of mobile phone accessories in Europe. As well the supply of the online retail business is steadily growing and being delivered with our products on a daily basis.


our aim

The big challenge in the accessory business is not only to keep up with the constant growth, our aim is to be one step ahead of the changes in this industry. In 2012 our best sellers were batteries for Nokia mobiles. Today it´s cases and batteries for Samsung smartphones.

And tomorrow ? We´ll keep you informed!

We monitor the development of this industry very closely. By doing this, we´ll always be able to serve your business needs in time.